Whether you create mats and carpets, conveyor belts, advertisement gadgets, insulating foams, leather and faux leather products, plastic parts, rubber parts, non-woven products, components in PVC or industrial textiles, SM-805-WJ enables you to quickly prepare a cutting job and create 2D patterns and 3D objects with high speed and unparalleled precision

SM-805-WJ installs a waterjet cutting tool designed for heavy duty industrial cutting jobs. A series of high performance accessories – such as a laser pointer to determine the dynamic zero point, a vacuum turbine to extract water particles, a scanning and projection system for complex patterns – complete this machine and make it into the perfect solution for high precision cutting of complex and even highly complex patterns in soft and semi-rigid materials.

With a hyper pressure up to 4300 Bar, SM-805-WJ is very powerful, fast, highly efficient but easy-to-use cutting system suitable for a wide range of industries, both for large serial productions and for small production runs.


Waterjet is an all-round cutting technology suitable for an infinite range of materials and applications and operated in a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the products that the machine can create:


  • Short setup time
  • No heat affected zone
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Precision mechanics
  • Reduced residual humidity
  • Unparalleled precision
  • Drastic reduction of discards
  • Separate working areas
  • Top quality electronics
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Uncompromising cutting quality
  • Twin cutting heads to double your production output
  • Superior control systems
  • Automatic setting of parameters


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.

Main features

Short setup time

Setting the machine up for a cutting job is a simple process. The drawing can be created on the machine’s computerized control station or on the office computer, and sent to the machine through a remote connection or uploaded from a USB stick. Complex patterns can be nested automatically to reduce cutting time and discards. Additional macro modules can be created to simplify the creation of complex drawings and allow even unskilled operators to work with the machine.

Unparalleled precision

Waterjets are much lighter than equivalent laser cutters. When installed on an automated machine the reduced weight of the cutting head grants better acceleration and deceleration performances, and ensures very precise motion of the head, thus guaranteeing the precision of the cut. The high pressure water beam, with a diameter of a fraction of a millimeter, makes cuts with surgical precision, sometimes almost invisible to the human eye.

No heat affected zone

As opposed to plasma and laser cutting technology the waterjet doesn’t burn or hardens the edges. Waterjet is in fact a cold cutting method and does not affect the structural properties of the processed materials. Waterjet cutting does not leave rough edges, but makes a clean end product. With most waterjet applications there is no need for reworking the pieces.

Drastic reduction discards

The extremely small diameter of the water beam and the fact that tangential forces on the material are minimum, waterjet cutting allows very small cutting gaps between the patterns, reducing the discard material to almost nothing, especially when the position of the patterns is optimized with the nesting software.

Twin cutting heads to double production output

Multiple cutting heads can be installed to twin cut the same patterns and double the production output. To further increase the manufacturing volume a waterjet with conveyor belt is available that allows for continuous cutting cycles.

Solid industrial structure

Its solid machine structure makes SM-805-WJ suitable for the most challenging cutting work. Sturdy, cleverly designed mechanical components and top notch electronic and pneumatic parts make SM-805-WJ the best waterjet available on the market.

Separated working areas

SM-805-WJ is available with two separate working areas that allow the operator to load and unload materials on one side of the cutting surface while the machine cuts on the other half. The loading and unloading areas are guarded by sensors and bumpers to make sure the operator works in complete safety.

Open work top

The work top is freely accessible and makes placing and removing materials from the machine comfortable and easy. When abrasive sands are used to process difficult to curt materials WATER LEVEL CONTROL technology will submerge the material so that the cutting is done underwater, allowing for a much cleaner work cycle.

Reduced residual humidity

High speed, extreme precision and the very small diameter of the micro jet reduce residual humidity. The worktop can be equipped with a vacuum system to eliminate water sprays.

Technical specifications

Available usable dimensions
Width x length (m) 2,5 x 1,5
Width x length (m) 2,0 x 4,0
Footprint Machine 2,0 x 4,0 m Intensifier Pump (30 HP)
X (mm) 5253 1778
Y (mm) 3260 864
H (mm) 827 -
H MAX (mm) 1726 1168
Weight (KG) 3500 1500
Power (kW) 4 22
Voltage (V) 380 (3 phases + N + E) 380 (3 phases + N + E)
Circuit breaker (mA) 300 300
Air (Quality Class 1.4.2.; ISO 8573) (bar) 6 6
Air consumption (nl/min) 250 (including pump) -
Max. axes speed X/Y/Z/W (m/min) 30/30/15/15 -
Precision axes repeatibility (mm) 0,1 -
Min. water quantity (l/min) Cutting: 5
  Cooling: 8
Min - Max. water pressure (bar) Cutting: 1,5 - 7,2
  Cooling: 2,5 - 7,2
Certification 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EU; EN ISO 12100


Easy Works Xtreme CAD/CAM

Easy Works Xtreme calculates the most efficient way of cutting one pattern after the next. Easy Works saves the optimal settings for every cutting job, including the most suitable tool, the optimal acceleration and the maximum speed, a feature that makes it very easy to repeat a job without having to reprogram the machine. The operator simply chooses the memorized settings from the menu and the machine will set the parameters automatically.

Automatic nesting

When more than one complex pattern needs to be cut the nesting module automatically calculates the most efficient way to fit the shapes on the cutting frame and cut as many pieces as possible out of the available material. The nesting program fits the patterns like a puzzle and reduces discards to an absolute minimum. Nesting optimizes the production cycle in terms of speed and use of material and quickly and automatically carries out a highly complex calculation that would take an expert programmer a very long time.


The macro software packages enable the operator to program highly complex cutting jobs by entering a limited number of key parameters. By inserting a value for each parameter the machine translates the information into a cutting file and start the job with a simple push of the button. Macros greatly simplify the production cycle and save a lot of time, allowing unskilled operators to work with a technologically highly advanced machines. Macro packages are often custom made according to your production requirements.

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