After more than a decade of experience with heavy duty welding of flexible PVC and other thermoplastics in wide range of industries SMRE introduced SM-450-SA.

SM-450-SA stems from the symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust machine structure and components, and precision mechanics. Developed for the continuous production of flexible PVC panels of infinite length, this machine will streamline your production processes and deliver exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and high quality overlap seams, pockets, and rope-in-pockets.

Its highly flexible design allows to construct the machine with or without a conveyor belt. An optional CAD/CAM bridge can be installed featuring a twin laser head to fly-cut symmetrical patterns out of the just created XXL panel. With its capacity to process single or multiple fabric rolls, its industrial welding tools and accessories, and a series of specifically developed software programs, SM-450-SA is an industrial fabric welding solution unlike any other on the market.


SM-450-SA enables manufacturers in a wide range of industries to create very large panels of superior quality. Stadium covers, tents, tarpaulins, swimming pool covers – these products can be created on a machine with a footprint frame that is infinitely smaller than the finished product.
Here are some of the products that SM-450-SA can make:


  • Specifically developed to weld flexible PVC
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Superior control systems
  • Continuous welding cycles
  • Drastic reduction of man power
  • Unparalleled welding quality
  • Multiple welding heads for simultaneous applications
  • Highly customizable
  • Precision mechanics
  • High level of automation
  • Creation of very large panels in a limited space
  • On a wide variety of specialty fabrics
  • Easy to set up for a cutting job
  • Available with or without heat resistant industrial conveyor belt
  • Top quality electronics
  • Exceptional productivity
  • A choice of precision tools


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.

Main features

Specifically developed to weld flexible PVC

SM-450-SA was specifically developed to process heavy rolls of PVC. All its features – tools, accessories and software solutions – are created just for that: to weld and cut PVC in a continuous cycle and create highly professional products in a very limited space.

Multiple welding heads for simultaneous applications

The machine installs multiple welding tools and simultaneously carries out several welding jobs, allowing for an enormous reduction in manufacturing time.

Solid industrial structure

Specifically designed for heavy duty welding jobs, its solid industrial structure makes SM-450-SA suitable for the most challenging work. The sturdy, multiple layer, heat resistant conveyor belt allows the creation of panels of infinite length. Its cleverly designed tools and accessories complete the machine and make it a highly efficient industrial welding solution.

Highly customizable

Whether you bond a single or multiple fabric rolls, whether you make continuous overlap seams or apply keders, or create a pocket or a hem, SMRE can build the structure, the tools, and the accessories to fit your specific production requirements and allow you to create the end products you desire.

Available with or without heat resistant industrial conveyor belt

SM-450-SA is available with a heat resistant conveyor belt that allows a total control of the material while it is being fed into the machine, guaranteeing seams of the highest quality.

Continuous welding cycles

SM-450-SA works in full automatic, continuous cycles. The computerized unwinders with edge control and digitally controlled dancer systems for automatic tension management feed the fabric into the machine. SM-450-SA then creates the desired seams (overlap, pocket, hem, rope-in-pocket, or the applications of a keder) and makes the cross cut when the programmed length has been reached.

High level of automation

Only one operator is needed to supervise the machine during the welding cycles. Instead of needing multiple operators for a multitude of welding and cutting jobs, SM-450-SA carries out all steps in the process automatically and continuously.

Exceptional productivity

With its full automatic welding cycles, the machine ensures an enormous production output and will reduce the necessary man power to an absolute minimum.

Creation of very large shapes in a limited space

With its continuous material feeding operation the machine allows for the creation of very large panels in a very limited space.

A choice of precision tools

A variety of precision tools and accessories were specifically designed to deliver quality seams and extreme precision. With their clever industrial design, tools can be installed individually or simultaneously, in any combination, providing an enormous variety of seams on a wide range of fabrics.

Unparalleled welding quality

The smooth, digitally controlled fabric feed and the patented Intelligent Torque technology on the welding wheels ensure a superior welding quality during the welding cycle.



SM-450-SA is managed with an easy-to-use software that is operated from a touch screen control panel. When the optional twin laser cutting heads are installed, a CAD/CAM program allows the machine to import and read CAD drawings of the finished product and translate the drawings into welding and cutting jobs. To further automate the production cycle, an optional barcode reading system is available that avoids unskilled operators from having to program the machine. All the operator has to do is point the gun at the barcode, place the material on the conveyor belt, check the correct positioning of the tools, and push the START button.

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