Originally designed to cut specialty fabrics typically used in the awning and sun protection industry, it’s solid industrial structure, brushless motors, and quality cutting tools make this machine an ideal solution for manufacturers in many other industries as well.

SM-400-TA installs a wide range of industrial cutting tools for the creation of top quality fabric panels. A selection of accessories make this machine the complete solution for your panel cutting requirements.

To solve the problem of shrinking crystal (clear) PVC we developed a system for the just-in-time heat treatment with infrared light. After the treatment the crystal PVC will remain perfectly stable and can be integrated in products such as industrial doors, tents or terace covers without the danger of shrinkage, even when exposed to sunlight or cold.

First introduced in 1999, many innovative solutions were integrated into this machine to ensure absolute reliability and cuts of the highest quality. If you’re looking for fast and efficient production cycles and high quality cut panels made with an easy-to-use machine, SM-400-TA is the solution for you.


Initially designed for the production of awnings in acrylic and polyester, SM-400-TA is widely used to cut panels of other technical fabrics, such as heavy PVC for the production of large covers or industrial speed doors, Kevlar for the production of armored vehicles and clothing, or fire retardant textiles for the production of curtains.


  • Superior ultrasonic cutting quality
  • Suitable to stabilize crystal (clear) PVC
  • Highly customizable
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Easy to operate
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Elevated efficiency
  • Solid, modular structure
  • Precision mechanics
  • High production output
  • Full automatic production cycles
  • Suitable for a very wide range of specialty fabrics
  • Fast axes movements
  • Wide range of tools and accessories
  • Top quality electronics
  • Simple to program
  • Very limited operational costs


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.

Main features

Superior ultrasonic cutting quality

SM-400-TA is used by a multitude of market leaders in the sun protection industry and guarantees clean, seared cuts of acrylic and polyester fabrics. Tools, accessories and software were designed to deliver an unparalleled operational efficiency and guarantee a quick return on your investment.

Fast axes movements

To make SM-400-TA even more efficient our team installed brushless motors on the grip-and-pull system so that the return movement after the cut is ultrafast – up to 40 m/minute – and the non-productive time of the machine is reduced to a few seconds. A brushless motor on the tool bridge enabled the ultrasonic cutter to move towards its programmed cutting position with a speed of up to 30 m/minute.

Solid modular structures

Its solid structure makes SM-400-TA suitable for heavy duty cutting work. Top of the bill electronic and pneumatic components and cleverly designed industrial tools and accessories make this machine the best available on the market to create quality panels of specialty fabrics and industrial textiles. The standard usable cutting length is 6,0 m. Extension modules of 2,0 m each make the usable cutting length as long as required. The version of SM-400-TA to stabilize crystal PVC has usable dimensions of 1,65 m by 4,0 m.

Wide range of tools and accessories

SM-400-TA installs a selection of industrial cutting tools for the creation of top quality fabric panels. A wide range of accessories – such as a LED illumination system to detect flaws in the fabric, an automatic under table fabric roll warehouse, a motorized unwinding system with electronic edge control, and a motorized rewinder to roll up the created panels – make this machine a complete solution for your panel cutting requirements.

Highly customizable

SM-400-TA installs a variety of industrial cutting tools and accessories, individually or simultaneously, in a wide range of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications while optimizing the production cycle. SM-400-TA truly is the complete solution for your panel cutting requirements.

Easy to operate

Preset awning patterns and production parameters on the touch screen control panel make the setup of the machine easy and intuitive. To reduce the intervention of an operator and thus the possibility of human error a bar code reading program is available. With a simple “beep” of the reading gun the machine will set all working parameters itself, then start the production cycle.

Full automatic cycles

SM-400-TA works in full automatic cycles. A computer controlled grip-and-pull system pulls the fabric off of the roll and to the programmed length. During the pull one or more ultrasonic cutting heads slice the fabric in the length. As soon as the programmed length is reached the panel is cross cut off of the roll by the motorized rotary knife and placed on the table top. The grip-and-pull then quickly moves forward to pull and cut the next panel.

Limited operational costs, negligible maintenance cost

Operating costs are extremely limited. Maintenance costs are negligible. The machine has a simple, but very solid structure. When used correctly SM-400-TA will go on forever.



This highly specific production software makes the creation of awning panels extremely simple. A series of preset awning patterns to choose from ensure significant time saving when programming production cycles. Desired overlaps and lateral hems are calculated automatically, taking into account the width of the roll and the desired width of the final product. The user interface is an easy-to-use touch screen. All the operator has to do is insert the parameters. SM-400-TA can be connected with an optional bar code reading software to further reduce the need for human intervention. The bar code reader will automatically pick the order at hand from the company order data base and set the vital parameters for the upcoming production cycle. The operator pushes the START button and the machine will automatically do its job, creating as many panels as needed.



To solve the problem of shrinking crystal (clear) PVC, SMRE developed a system for the just-in-time heat treatment of single sheets. The stabilizing tool consists of multiple infrared lamps that bring the fabric to a preset temperature combined with an ingenious air cooling system.

Depending on the quality and characteristics of the fabric the sheet will shrink between 3 and 8% during the treatment with the SMRE stabilization system. After the treatment the crystal PVC is perfectly stable and can be welded or sewn into a finished product – like a pergola, a shade sail, a tensile structure, a marquee, or a veranda cover – and will not shrink anymore, even when exposed to heat or cold.

Whereas other heat treatment systems cause the crystal PVC to age, stiffen, and often give it a yellowish color, the treatment with the SMRE system will leave the fabric perfectly transparent, clear, and flexible – and completely stable.

A series of sensors can be installed on the machine to automatically read the width of the processed roll, or to keep track of the fabric that is fed into the machine and pause the cycle when the roll finished.

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