Small series, highly specialized products, and urgent deliveries is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries. With its wide choice of tools and accessories, installable in a variety of combinations, SM-365-TA was specifically designed to cut and mark an infinite range of materials and fabrics. Whether you process Plexiglas, corrugated board, paper, Re-board, Foam, honeycomb panels, vinyl, film, PVC, carpet, rubber, leather, Forex, Kapa, Di-bond, Kevlar, carbon fiber or wood, SM-365-TA enables you to pick the tools you need and create highly professional products.

A wide range of accessories – such as the scanning camera that transforms the prototype patterns into CAD/CAM files, a projection camera, Digi-View to recognize reference marks – make this machine a complete solution for your production requirements.


SM-365-TA allows operators in a wide range of industries – graphics, signage and advertisement, leather processing, cardboard and paper, composites, packaging, and carpets – to cut and mark with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products.

Whether you process Plexiglas, corrugated board, paper, Re-board, Foam, honeycomb panels, vinyl, film, PVC, carpet, rubber, leather, Forex, Kapa, Di-bond, Kevlar, carbon fiber or wood, SM-365-TA enables you to pick the tools you need and can be equipped to meet an exceptionally extended selection of production requirements.


  • Fast, simple and efficient creation of prototypes, samples or small production runs.
  • Heavy duty structure
  • Superior control systems
  • Automatic setting of parameters
  • On a wide variety of materials
  • Multiple cutting technologies
  • Installable in a variety of combinations
  • High precision work
  • Precision mechanics
  • Vacuum power for total material control
  • Double tool bridge, double output
  • A wide choice of precision tools and accessories
  • Park-and-Pick technology
  • Highly customizable
  • Top quality electronics
  • Unparalleled cutting quality
  • All in one single machine


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.

Main features

Multiple Technologies

Laser technology to cut Plexiglas, cardboard or leather? A drag knife for highly complex patterns? Rotary blades for high speed cutting of heavy and thin PVC? A creasing head to fold cardboard panels? A V-blade to create complex structural designs? A powerful industrial router for 3D products or an oscillating blade to cut composites? SM-365-TA can do it all. Multiple technologies can be installed simultaneously, in any combination, allowing to process an infinite range of materials.


Based on the characteristics of the material that is processed, the machine will automatically go and pick the right cutting or marking tools and place them in the work position on the bridge. The unused tools are placed in their parking position so that the cutting head does not have to carry the extra weight, and can move at optimal speed and with great precision.

Heavy duty structures

A solid mono-block steel and aluminum structure makes SM-365-TA suitable for the most challenging heavy duty cutting work. Top of the bill electronic and pneumatic components, a 20 mm thick machined work top, and heavy duty parts complete this indestructible work horse.

High precision work

SM-365-TA is driven by a highly efficient rack and pinion mechanism that combines powerful brushless servomotors and integrated electronics on the X, Y, Z and W axes. Designed for extremely precise movements with a tolerance of 0,01 mm SM-365-TA features hardened helical teeth and a monolithic, solid aluminum work top with a thickness of 30 mm to guarantee a surface tolerance of 100 micron.

Highly customizable

Multiple technologies and accessories can be simultaneously installed to allow operators from a wide range of industries to create highly professional products. Whichever materials you process, and whichever patterns our shapes you cut, SM-365-TA can be equipped with just the right tools for your production requirements and deliver the quality and efficiency you desire.

Vacuum power for total power control

A powerful 7,5 kW turbine and special grooves machined in the worktop ensure optimal vacuum grip on the processed material. The sectioning of the work top in multiple zones enables the machine to concentrate the full vacuum power in those areas where the processed materials are placed. This option is particularly important when the pieces of material are much smaller than the cutting frame and ensures great precision during the cut.

Double tool bridge, double output

SM-365-TA can install an optional second tool bridge that will work in synchronization with the first. Two cutting heads, each individually coordinated by the software, operate independently in their work areas and complete the cutting or marking jobs at unparalleled speed, doubling the production output.

Technical specifications

Available usable dimensions  
Width x length (m) 1,25 x 0,9
Width x length (m) 2,0 x 1,5
Width x length (m) 2,0 x 3,0
Width x length (m) 3,0 x 2,0
Footprint Machine 2,0 x 3,0 m
X (mm) 6660
Y (mm) 3642
H (mm) 930
H MAX (mm) 1716
Weight (KG) 3000
Power (kW) 10
Voltage (V) 380 (3 phases + N + E)
Circuit breaker (mA) 300
Air (Quality Class 1.4.2.; ISO 8573) (bar) 6
Air consumption (nl/min) 600
Max. axes speed X/Y/Z (m/min) 35/35/12
Precision axes repeatibility (mm) 0,1
Certification 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EU; EN ISO 12100


Easy Works Xtreme CAD/CAM

Easy Works Xtreme calculates the most efficient way of cutting one pattern after the next. Easy Works saves the optimal settings for every cutting job, including the most suitable tool, the optimal acceleration and the maximum speed, a feature that makes it very easy to repeat a job without having to reprogram the machine. The operator simply chooses the memorized settings from the menu and the machine will set the parameters automatically.

Automatic nesting

When more than one complex pattern needs to be cut the nesting module automatically calculates the most efficient way to fit the shapes on the cutting frame and cut as many pieces as possible out of the available material. The nesting program fits the patterns like a puzzle and reduces discards to an absolute minimum. Nesting optimizes the production cycle in terms of speed and use of material and quickly and automatically carries out a highly complex calculation that would take an expert programmer a very long time.


The macro software packages enable the operator to program highly complex cutting jobs by entering a limited number of key parameters. By inserting a value for each parameter the machine translates the information into a cutting file and start the job with a simple push of the button. Macros greatly simplify the production cycle and save a lot of time, allowing unskilled operators to work with a technologically highly advanced machines. Macro packages are often custom made according to your production requirements.

Tracking Power Control (TPC)

Automatically synchronizes the laser power with the moving speed of the cutting head and ensures very high cutting quality even when complex patterns are cut on very difficult materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, or light colored specialty fabrics.

Raster imaging

Enables SM-365-TA to create complex images on materials such as wood and Plexiglas using the standard CO₂ laser cutting tool. By constantly increasing and reducing the laser power while the tool moves over the material the beam will burn with different intensities and create images through a dark/light shade effect.


Kasemake is a formidable 2D structural design and 3D visualizing software used by thousands of operators in a wide range of industries. Whether you are an advertising agency, a visual merchandiser, a point of sale designer, a sign maker, or a printer, Kasemake will help you improve efficiency and productivity, and open up new opportunities and markets for you. With the Kasemake software you can create a custom size 2D structural design in seconds, ready to export (typically in DXF or EPS format) to your SM-365-TA cutting machine. By simply picking the appropriate display or box style from the extensive libraries of built-in designs, and feeding in the basic sizes and materials, the software creates a flat 2D design. Kasemake will make a highly specialized design job simple and efficient. With Kasemake, everyone is a 3D designer.

ArtCAM Express CAD/CAM for 3D milling

ArtCAM Express by Delcam enables you to create 2D and 3D models quickly and easily. This affordable CAD/CAM software requires little or no machining knowledge, making it the perfect option for any new router owner. Unique software tools guide you through the entire manufacturing process, from conceptual sketch to the finished piece. Whether you are a start-up or a market leader, ArtCAM Express enables you to engrave and create highly professional 2D and 3D products. ArtCam Express is part of the ArtCam family of products, which are used worldwide across a wide range of industries to create an enormous variety of products.

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