Highly specialized fabrics and very specific, customized applications is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries. Whether you weld clear PVC or PVC coated textiles, acrylic or polyester fabrics, thermoplastic films or insect mesh, whether you create pockets, overlaps or hems, apply zippers, keders, omega or anti-drip profiles – with its choice of technologies and wide selection of accessories SM-216-SA can create a variety of seams and apply countless profiles and accessories on an infinite range of technical fabrics.

SM-216-SA features the patented Intelligent Torque technology that allows welding with uncompromising quality. Whichever fabrics you weld, Intelligent Torque digitally controls the tension during the welding cycle and delivers exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and unique, highly professional products.


With its cleverly designed tools SM-216-SA allows operators in a wide range of industries to weld with uncompromising quality and create an infinite range of highly professional products. Multiple welding technologies and a variety of accessories make this machine a truly all-round solution to bond specialty fabrics.

Whether you make awnings, blinds, pergolas, advertisement banners, tarpaulins, swimming pool covers, even insect screens, SMRE has a solution just for you. Contact our expert staff to help you choose the technology and welding accessories most suitable for your production.


  • Installs hot air, hot melt and ultrasonic welding technologies
  • Total speed and motion control
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Automatic continuous welding cycles
  • All in one single machine
  • Intelligent Torque for digital fabric tension control
  • Superior seams
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Multiple welding menus
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom tools for infinite applications
  • Solid modular structure
  • Top quality electronics
  • Floating welding wheels
  • Suitable for an infinite range of specialty fabrics


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.

Main features

Custom tools, infinite applications

With its multiple welding technologies SM-216-SA can bond an infinite range of specialty fabrics. Operators can choose from a variety of accessories to make overlaps, hems, pockets, pockets-with-rope or cable, or apply zippers, keders, extruded profiles, omega-profiles or reinforcing straps. Guides, welding wheels and other tools are tailor-made according to your production requirements and allow you to fully customize the finished products you create.

Superior seams

The patented Intelligent Torque technology and the floating welding wheels ensure that seams made with SM-216-SA are of unparalleled quality, both aesthetically and in strength. SM-216-SA is a must-have to create unique, highly professional products.

Solid modular structure

Its solid structure makes the machine suitable for the most challenging welding work. All machine components are in solid steel and aluminum. Top of the bill electronic and pneumatic components and precision welding tools and accessories make this machine the best available on the market. SM-216-SA has a standard usable length of 6,0 meters. Extension modules of 2,0 m each make the machine as long as required. To weld XXL panels, the machine is available in a version with increased work surface (SM-210-SA).

Total speed and motion control

Motion is generated by steel rack-and-pinion transmission and multiple heavy duty chrome plated rails for optimal speed and control. Whether you make overlaps, hems or pockets or apply omega or other profiles, SM-216-SA will deliver the quality you expect.

Welding menus

A series of specific parameters can be chosen from the touch screen to create the ideal setting for every type of fabric or application. Multiple operational menus can be stored in the machine’s computer. Each menu can be given a specific name so that the operator only has to choose the menu most suitable for the fabric or application at hand and the machine will set the parameters by itself, allowing even unskilled operators to create superior products with this highly professional digital welder.

Floating welding wheels

The welding wheels have to exert exactly the right pressure. If the pressure is too high, the seam will show the imprint of the wheels. If the pressure is not high enough, the weld will lack in strength. The SMRE welders install floating wheels whereby the pressure is determined pneumatically, not mechanically. By adjusting the pneumatic pressure, the upper wheel will “float” over the seam, and exert exactly the same pressure on the fabric during the whole cycle, even when the wheel encounters an overlap or other obstacles in the fabric.

Automatic continuous welding cycles

The fabric is spread and clamped on the worktop. All the operator has to do is choose the right menu for the application at hand and push the START button. The Intelligent Torque technology pulls the fabric under exactly the right tension. The welding head travels the full length of the fabric until the clamps open at the end of the cycle and the product is ready.

Technical specifications

Available usable dimensions
Standard length (m) 6,0
Extension modules (m) 2,0
Hot air Hot melt (liquid glue) Rotosonic
Power (kW) 3,5 5 3
Voltage (V) 380 (3 phases + N + E) 380 (3 phases + N + E) 380 (3 phases + N + E)
Circuit breaker (mA) 300 300 300
Air (Quality Class 1.4.2.; ISO 8573) (bar) 6 6 6
Air consumption (nl/min) 400 50 50
Certification 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EU; EN ISO 12100
Footprint (standard length) Hot air Hot melt (liquid glue) Rotosonic
X (mm) 1142 1295 1142
Y (mm) 8094 8094 8094
H (mm) 912 912 912
H MAX (mm) 1579 1579 1579
Under arm space (diameter) (mm) 210 210 210
Work surface depth (mm) 710 710 710
Weight (KG) 1050 1150 1080

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