Applying the decorative braid to the valance is the last step in the process of awning manufacturing. The valance is the part that is most visible and it is important that the aesthetics of the seams live up to the quality standard of the finished products.

With its powerful single needle sewing head and its range of cleverly designed accessories SM-110-CA is the right machine for the job.

With more than 200 sewing solutions supplied to leading awning manufacturers in Italy and abroad, SM-110-CA is a thoroughly tested, highly reliable manufacturing solution. A benchmark for the awning industry, it is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking for fast, high quality sewing on a wide range of awning fabrics.


With hundreds of manufacturing solutions supplied to market leaders worldwide our team has extensive knowledge of the awning industry. Trust your SM-110- CA to deliver the quality valances you desire.


  • Superior seams with the zig-zag stitch
  • Easy to use
  • Very limited operational costs
  • Suitable for an infinite range of specialty fabrics
  • High production output
  • Ergonomic work position
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Solid structure with quality parts and components
  • Top quality electronics
  • Total control systems


SMRE offers a wide selection of industrial tools: they can be installed individually or simultaneously, in a variety of combinations, providing an enormous versatility of applications.
SM-110-CA is available with the following tools and accessories:

Main features

Superior seams with the zig-zag stitch

The symbiosis of the Dürkopp Adler 524i sewing head and its specifically designed accessories make SM-110-CA the ideal solutions to create an aesthetically perfect and very strong zig-zag seam.

Solid structure with quality parts and components

SM-110-CA was designed for industrial sewing jobs. Its solid table structure makes this sewing station suitable for the most challenging work. All components are in solid steel and aluminum, with a worktop in solid wood. Top of the bill electronic and pneumatic components and precision welding tools make this machine the best available on the market for the application of the valance braid.

Easy to use

SM-110-CA is very user-friendly. No specific skills are required: the machine is as easy to operate as your average household appliance.

Ergonomic work position

With an overall height of 1,16 m, the worktop surface is placed at a height of 87 cm from the floor – ideal for an ergonomically seated operator.

Limited operational and maintenance costs

Operating costs are extremely limited and maintenance costs are negligible. Sturdy and simple, with components and parts of industrial quality, SM-110-CA is a truly durable investment for the creation of your quality valances.

Ergonomic operations

TThe solid worktop with smooth surface positioned at the height of an office desk allows the operator to easily turn the fabric and follow the valance pattern during the sewing cycle. The ergonomic position of the operator makes the machine very comfortable to use, even for long periods of time.

Technical specifications

Available usable dimensions
Standard length (m) 0,7
Standard width (m) 1,3
X (mm) 700
Y (mm) 1300
H (mm) 869
H MAX (mm) 1165
Under arm space 110
Weight (KG) 150
Power (kW) 3,5
Voltage (V) 380 (3 phases + N + E)
Circuit breaker (mA) 300
Air (Quality Class 1.4.2.; ISO 8573) (bar) 6
Certification 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EU; EN ISO 12100

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