Highly specialized fabrics and very specific, customized applications is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries. With its broad range of tools and accessories SM-100-CA was designed to create a wide variety of quality seams on an infinite range of technical fabrics.

Simple to use and highly efficient, SM-100-CA is a complete sewing solution that will streamline your production and boost your efficiency.
Industrial sewing has never been this easy.

With more than 200 sewing solutions supplied to leading manufacturers worldwide SM-100-CA is a thoroughly tested, highly reliable manufacturing solution and a benchmark in many industries. Whether you process acrylic or polyester for the production of awnings, make fire retardant curtains, theater curtains, or products in PVC, SM-100-CA allows operators in a wide range of industries to manufacture with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products.


SM-100-CA allows operators in a wide range of industries to seam with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products. Whether you produce awnings and blinds, curtains, sails, PVC covers, tarpaulins, banners or wind breaker barriers, SM-100-CA can be equipped with just the accessories to meet your production requirements.
Here are some of the products that SM-100-CA can create:


  • Superior hems, pockets and overlaps
  • Total speed and motion control
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for an infinite range of specialty fabrics/li>
  • Automatic digital synchronization
  • Solid industrial structure
  • High production output
  • Very limited operational costs
  • Solid modular structure
  • Top quality electronics
  • Pneumatic guide positioning
  • Negligible maintenance costs


Specifically developed to create quality seams on industrial textiles SM-100-CA will streamline your production processes and deliver manufacturing efficiency and quality products. Tools and accessories installed on SM-100-CA have a solid industrial design and were created to make the sewing job – often a very repetitive operation with many guide switches – simple and easy.

Main features

Superior hems, pockets and overlaps

SWith a series of clever solutions based on more than a decade of industrial sewing experience and the feedback of hundreds of market leaders worldwide that work with our machines, SM-100-CA will allow you to create hems, pockets, overlaps or apply keders, braids or other profiles with uncompromising quality

Automatic digital synchronization

A perfectly synchronized motion of the vertical needle motion and the horizontal motion of the sewing head is of fundamental importance to guarantee evenly distributed stiches and prevent damage to the machine. The software installed on SM-100-CA makes sure the stitch length remains exactly as programmed, even when the operator changes the speed of the sewing head during the production cycle.

Solid modular structure

Its solid structure makes SM-100-CA suitable for the most challenging welding work. All machine components are in solid steel and aluminum. Top of the bill electronic and pneumatic components and precision welding tools and accessories make this machine the best available on the market. SM-100-CA has a standard usable length of 6,0 meters. Extension modules of 2,0 m each make the machine as long as required.

Total speed and motion control

Motion is generated by steel rack-and-pinion transmission and multiple heavy duty chrome plated rails for optimal speed and control. Whether you make overlaps, hems or pockets or apply profiles such as keders or decorative braids, SM-100-CA will deliver the quality you expect.

Pneumatic guide positioning

Guides are positioned pneumatically and are automatically lifted after every sewing cycle and allow the sewing head to safely travel back to its starting point. At the start of each new sewing cycle the guide automatically returns into its operational position. Changing the guides from hem to overlap and back is an operation that takes seconds: the time to push the button that opens and closes the pneumatically controlled guide holder.

Easy to operate

SM-100-CA is very user-friendly. No specific skills are required. The machine is as easy to operate as your average household appliance. The cleverly designed tools and accessories make working with the machine – often a very repetitive operation with many guide switches – easy and efficient.

Limited operational costs, negligible maintenance costs

Operating costs are extremely limited. Maintenance costs are negligible. The machine structure is solid and simple. When used correctly SM-100-CA will go on forever.

Technical specifications

Available usable dimensions
Standard length (m) 6,0
Extension modules (m) 2,0
Footprint (standard length)  
X (mm) 8049
Y (mm) 1024
H (mm) 1028
H MAX (mm) 1603
Under arm space (mm) 110
Work surface depth (mm) 630
Weight (KG) 1150
Power (kW) 4
Voltage (V) 220 (1 phase + N + E)
Circuit breaker (mA) 300
Air (Quality Class 1.4.2.; ISO 8573) (bar) 6
Air consumption (nl/min) 80 (w/ needle cooling)
Certification 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/EU; EN ISO 12100

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